Location: Virtual. Will work from your home office.

Employee Type: Full Time

Support TEAM: YES! In-house creative, copywriting, development and channel support. 

Job Type: Marketing

Experience: 7+ years of proven marketing experience and results.

If you do not believe you are in the top 2% of marketing applicants for this position, save your time (and ours) and do not apply.

At least 7 to 15 years of marketing experience developing strategic marketing plans and tactical marketing programs for a variety of different industries.

You will develop comprehensive marketing plans for accounts in a variety of industries. These plans include a combination of content marketing, paid media, SEO, PR, and web development.

Our Digital Marketing Strategists are elite at executing marketing campaigns and delivering results.

Please read the 5 Phases of a Digital Marketing Consultant before applying. The ideal person for this job is a marketing professional of the highest caliber.

Most Important Performance Objectives

  • Uhuru Digital Marketing Strategists (DMS) are responsible for creating strategic Business Advantage (BA) programs that deliver real, quantifiable results for every client. 
  • The DMS works with clients to counsel, coach, and advise them on "result-driven" marketing strategies that grow their businesses. Our clients need to get the "right advice" from us, and our DMS need to be able to deliver it—straightforward, bold and direct. That's what our clients need.
  • Specifically, this position is responsible for giving our clients a truly world-class marketing experience from start to finish. This might mean suggesting a deeper dive with analytics, giving offering an unsolicited recommendation, or talking clients through the “whys” behind their marketing tactics in clear, easily understandable terms. The DMS’ job is to guide clients, as their marketing "consultant" on the implementation of their complete BA program.
  • The key to being successful in this position is juggling a variety of tasks, ensuring the marketing tactics deliver the expected results. Our clients hire us for our expertise and opinion; Uhuru DMS’s need to be confident and comfortable giving their expert perspectives, even if it makes clients uncomfortable occasionally. Our job then shifts into helping them work through the change, so their company shines and their marketing drives long-term, sustainable growth. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 
The Successful Digital Marketing Strategist should be able to:

  • Run Client Programs as Account Program Owner (Product Owner) - working collaboratively with the team Scrum Master.
  • Understanding the client’s business, translating their needs into actionable work for the team, prioritizing that work to maximize business value for the client, and accepting or rejecting the work completed by the team on behalf of the client.
  • Strategists/PO is all about owning the decision making. 
  • Not get into the weeds with the more “project manager” responsibilities.
  • Execute and delegate responsibilities to members of the client services team.
  • Know the impacts you have on your client and their company
  • Understand your client’s goals and motivations.
  • Manage multiple clients with Uhuru's Agile Process
  • Tracks the overall market and competitive dynamics.
  • Ensures the implementation team is delivering against client’s desired results.
  • Manages the long-term roadmap, involving sales, marketing, implementations, clients, partners, and other groups. The ideas are expressed as epics.
  • Work with a Uhuru's Lead Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultants, and channel experts to create the overall inbound marketing strategy for your clients and manage the implementation of that marketing program on a day-to-day basis
  • Craft the positioning strategy and offerings for each of your clients
  • Establish strong relationships with each of your clients
  • Lead new client kickoff meetings in conjunction with our team
  • Work in conjunction with fellow Digital Marketing Consultants and Channel Consultants assigned to your clients to ensure all work is delivered on time and according to expectations
  • Work with clients to recommend the tactics for ongoing engagements
  • Work with prospective clients to recommend strategy and tactics for new engagements with our firm
  • Work with the creative team to ensure your clients' messaging is delivered in consistently innovative and engaging ways
  • Ensure your clients are highly satisfied as reflected in a positive Net Promoter score
  • Provide hyper-communication to stay ahead of the client’s questions
  • Be the Marketing Expert within your Hive Team. (Before applying, read our article to see how we construct client services teams: The Best Marketing Team Structure to Increase Efficiency and Output)
  • Lead Weekly Sprint Planning Meeting
    • The Program Owner to communicate to the Implementers their priorities for the Sprint
    • The Program Owner and Implementers will discuss each work item under consideration to ensure that everyone fully understands the goals and scope (i.e. Acceptance Criteria) of each item and agrees with the estimated effort (i.e. Story Points)
    • For the Implementers to give the Program Owner a forecast (also referred to as the team’s commitment) of the specific batch of work items they feel they can realistically complete by the end of the Sprint (i.e. the Sprint Backlog)
    • Program Owners come prepared to the meeting with a Sprint’s worth of priorities to communicate to their team


  • At least 7 to 15 years of documented marketing experience developing strategic marketing plans and tactical marketing programs for a variety of different industries
  • Proven track record in developing marketing programs that have contributed to increased revenue, new customer acquisition, and customer retention
  • At least 5 years in an account management or client facing role with an agency, consulting firm or internal agency
  • An understanding of inbound marketing and/or experience working with HubSpot is required. (In addition to HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot experience is preferred.)
  • HubSpot experience. Inbound, HubSpot, and Partner certifications prior to applying  is a plus.
  • Scrum experience preferable, as well as experience using product management tools (Redbooth, Jira, Asana, etc.) and being a product owner. Certified Scrum Product Owner a big plus.
  • A student of marketing and digital with a passion for continually learning new ways to practice your craft
  • Excellent written, verbal communication and presentation skills are a must
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams, meets deadlines and exceed expectations
  • Very strong proficiency using Google Apps: Docs, Calendar, Sheets, Presentations.
  • Undergraduate degree; or MBA preferred

Please note: After you submit an application, we'll want to get to know you more. You'll be asked to email a short video introducing yourself and saying why you want to be a part of the Uhuru Team. This is required, if you are not going to submit a short video do not submit an application


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