Uhuru Masterclass SEO Reference
Guide and Checklist

Learn how to optimize your blog posts

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information online about search engine optimization, keywords, and other SEO strategies?

We've created a simple SEO checklist and reference sheet you can turn to every time you’re creating a new blog post or when you need a refresher.

Download this free, quick reference guide for optimizing your blog posts!

In this blog post SEO reference sheet you’ll:

  • learn what things you can and can’t control when it comes to your ranking.
  • understand keywords and where they should be in your blog post
  • learn how to optimize your internal and external links
  • have a quick 5 item checklist when writing your content
  • learn how to optimize your media in blog posts

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Save it on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or print it and keep it within reach to make sure you’re creating content that people can find.

Download the SEO Checklist & Reference Guide

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