Increasing New Users & Decreasing Cost per Conversion

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What you’re about to read is an actual, real-world, successful case study that we’ve helped engineer.

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B2B Enterprise Case Study

Focusing on the right audience, presenting them with the correct message, staying connected with new users and having new creative designs that targeted each vertical is how we achieved the goals.


The Company

EZ Texting - A CallFire Company

EZ Texting helps thousands of organizations use text message marketing (SMS) to engage their followers, enhance their marketing strategies, and boost revenue. EZ Texting customers can quickly and safely communicate with their followers using affordable and customizable features, such as mobile coupons, keyword autoresponders, and group messaging.

The Problem

High Cost Per Conversions & Low Conversion Rates

EZ Texting was spending a lot to convert a lead into a trial new user and losing them before they became new paid users. They needed to improve conversion rates while decreasing the cost per conversion for new paid user.