Increasing Trial Sign-Ups & Memberships

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B2C Case Study

Greater results from Facebook advertising with an effective B2B and B2C marketing strategy. Accurately defining buyer personas and the buyer’s journey was an essential part of this program’s success.


The Company

MoveGB Is the “Netflix” of Physical Activity

This UK company offers one membership to 1000s of gyms, classes, studios and just about anything that gets your body moving. The platform gives members the daily freedom to mix up their activities all for the purpose of keeping happy and healthy and squeezing the most out of their lives.

The Problem

No Success with Social Advertising & Content Marketing

To meet the project growth forecast MoveGB needed to increase the number of trial sign-ups and convert trialists to memberships. Customer growth required MoveGB’s B2B department to improve inbound and outbound partner acquisition. MoveGB had an unprofitably high cost per signup, high display frequency, and low conversion rates. A big hurdle was the lack of data, as they weren’t tracking website visitors for retargeting, leaving them with a much higher cost per conversion. Finally, they had no method of tracking ROI. Without a process to optimize their ads and paid campaigns, their efforts in the channel appeared to be unsuccessful.

The Solution

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