Developing a Lead-Gen Focused Marketing Organization

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B2B Enterprise Case Study

The unifying of product, sales, and marketing through a documented commercial product marketing strategy and a full funnel execution plan for lead generation.


The Company

Vaadin - A Platform For Simplified Development

Vaadin is the company behind the open source Vaadin Framework, which is used by 40% of Fortune 100 companies and by more than 150,000 developers worldwide. The company makes money by supporting companies building on its technology in the form or additional developer tools, consulting, training and support.

The Problem

Lack of Strategy for Lead Generation

As a department and as a company, Vaadin was new to the commercial aspect of their business. They didn’t have a documented strategy for targeting and attracting businesses to their commercial product as the focus was on individual developers who used Vaadin in organizations. There was a need for strategic direction in marketing activities to generate leads throughout the buyer’s journey while increasing the size of their community and the number of their customers.

The Solution

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